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Get trusted recommendations from fellow expats, your friends and locals

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Find, save and organize recommendations

Have trusted tips from fellow expats, friends and locals on a mobile map. Save great locations and decide if you want to keep them just for yourself or make them visible for your friends and fellow expats.

Find, save and share great places
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Pick your trusted sources

You can decide which sources you want to look at: your own saved favorites, your friends' and their friends’ recommendations, tips from other expats or the entire myLike community. Recommendations from locals can be highlighted as insider information.

Sources you trust: myLikes, myFriends, myGroups, Locals, World

Share your insider tips and new discoveries

Add your new favorite place with just one click, organize it in lists and share it with other expats, friends and groups. Become a trusted source for the whole myLike community and provide tips to fellow expats from your hometown so they find their way around.

Add great places and decide who can see them


You control each of your myLike's visibility. Use it as a private tool to save things for yourself, or share your discoveries with the people you care about. Create closed or open groups for collaborative planning or sharing of your favorite spots.

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