The web overloads you with irrelevant recommendations from an anonymous crowd! And whatever you post, it will be spread without your control.


myLike enables you to find, save and share great locations and services within your circles of trust: your friends and network. At the same time You can store great places you have been to or want to go to – and you decide who can see each of them – only you or others.

Choose sources you trust

myLike gives you access to recommendations from sources you trust the most – your friends – wherever you are and whenever you need them! You can extend this circle of trust by following your favourite blogger or magazine.

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all myLikes that you

stored for yourself


myLikes from friends

or people you follow


people who share

your interests


people who really

know the place

Save, organize & share

myLike is the platform where you can easily save and organize the places you love – your myLikes – and find them again later. You can share them inside and outside of myLike with people you care about or store them just for yourself.

Create, save, organize and share your myLikes

Create and Save

places you like – your myLikes – and determine who can see them.


myLikes with people you care about.


your myLikes so you can find them again.

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Set your privacy

You decide who can see your myLikes: you, your friends, your followers or the whole world. That way you can use it as a private tool to save things just for yourself or as a social sharing tool for your friends, followers or the whole world.

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Privacy second degree
Privacy first degree
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Save myLikes for your friends, groups, the whole world or just yourself

Get surprised and inspired

Ask for places like you were asking your friends and get inspired by the results. myLike offers a truly intuitive and natural way to discover new places and experiences beyond just bars and restaurants.

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Get inspired

Find what is relevant for you

People have different tastes. The myLike “taste match” feature shows you who shares your preferences. This makes it easier to focus on recommendations relevant to you.

Relevant recommendations: good advice, not sure, opposites attract

Good advice:

a friend who

shares your taste


myLike is

not so sure

Opposites attract:

find out at your own risk

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